About Us

Dar es Salaam Social Protection Institute (DSPI) is a private company incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania which provides trainings, research, publication and consultancy in social protection and social policy. It is registered by BRELA issued with Certificate of Incorporation No. 141405 in March 9, 2018. The Institute is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and the registered Office is located in Goba Area, Ubungo District, along Goba - Mbezi Road. The Institute is owned by professionals in the Social Protection industry with strong background in Social Protection in terms of knowledge and competence.


To become the centre of excellence in Social Protection industry within Tanzania.


Bridging the gap within the Social Protection sector in Tanzania in terms of knowledge, information and techniques through competent and dedicated Social Protection Professionals, competence based learning programs and sustainable Social Protection Systems.

Core Values

Professionalism, Innovation, Competency and Integrity.

Our Customers

These are current and potential social protection professionals, trainers, regulators and policy makers. establishments/employers who contributes to social insurance schemes, and those running private schemes, non-governmental organizations, social assistance programmes, development partners supporting social protection programs, and individuals participating in private arrangements.